CNC XY Plotter

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Just finish to build my CNC XY Plotter and start playing with it.
It was assembled with mechanical parts from MakeBlock and custom electronic.

I made a processing app to convert svg files to Gcode and after everything is sent to an Arduino running Grbl

Souriez vous etes filmes

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I developed a website to take picture of yourself with the traffic camera in Nantes. You can access the list of camera available online and decide to save a picture when you want.

I consider that if the city take images of us the minimum is that we can save it.

Print me a message

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Small experiment made with the Spark Core* ( and the Adafruit thermal printer. It’s a message box, from anywhere by accessing a simple web page you can print at home something with the printer.

I use it to make list, my friends to send me messages.. etc. The idea behind this small project is to explore communications not like instant interactions.

CNC Drawing machine

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I built a CNC Drawing machine during a one week workshop made by Victor Leung. It was a really great experience to work on this, trying to play with the ambiguity of human/machine creations.

Browsing History – Chrome Extension

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Browsing is a Google Chrome Extension, it was developed during the Codex Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab (

This extension allow you to highlight any word on the web page you are looking at and see if there are images in the New York Public Library’s archive that correspond.  You can also click on the extension button to make a quick search with keywords.

It was built in one week-end with the idea to play with history.

Satellite imagery tests | Snapsat

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Experiment made with Snapsat, a web service that allow you to take satellite image from the Landsat8 satellite. Here is a test I made to play with it and experiment the different settings of image composition.  This is the Dubai bay, a mix of two images from the satellite.

Click on the image to see a larger version

Instagram Api tool

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Here is the #nofilter hashtag photos on Instagram display on a map.

For my bachelor project at l’École de Design de Nantes I create a platform with several web experiences around data. On of these was about Instagram. The idea with this project was to make a tool to explore the Instagram photos, you can choose a # to display and see the where the photo are posted around the world.

I developed the project by myself using the Instagram Api and Mapbox JS

Mapbox Studio

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Experiment with Mapbox Studio, I design a map based on my own personal geo data. For 2 years I use OpenPath to get the location data from my mobile, I use these data to develop my skills with Mapbox Studio and TileMill

Pure Data Workshop

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First experiment with Pure Data in a workshop with Andy Farnell founder of the website « Obiwannabe » and Pure data specialist based in London. I made a patch based on fruits prices since ten years.

Data Analysis

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Analysis of my school data. With Gephi (an open source program ) I am able to find useful information about student courses, why they choose their Master and what are the connections between the fields taught in L’école de Design. This research helped me to make the project « Alumni » in my portfolio.

Face tracker, OpenFramework

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I started to experiment the face tracker library made by  Kyle McDonald. I use it in Xcode and Openframeworks to build little apps based on face tracking. This is the beginning, I think it will be a good tools for me in the future.

Work in progress

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I am currently building my own music amp. I transformed an old CRT display in oscilloscope and connected it to an amp. If the hardware part is over the last part of the project is to build a box to make a beautiful object.