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Satellite imagery tests | Snapsat

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Experiment made with Snapsat, a web service that allow you to take satellite image from the Landsat8 satellite. Here is a test I made to play with it and experiment the different settings of image composition.  This is the Dubai bay, a mix of two images from the satellite.

Click on the image to see a larger version

Instagram Api tool

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Here is the #nofilter hashtag photos on Instagram display on a map.

For my bachelor project at l’École de Design de Nantes I create a platform with several web experiences around data. On of these was about Instagram. The idea with this project was to make a tool to explore the Instagram photos, you can choose a # to display and see the where the photo are posted around the world.

I developed the project by myself using the Instagram Api and Mapbox JS

Mapbox Studio

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Experiment with Mapbox Studio, I design a map based on my own personal geo data. For 2 years I use OpenPath to get the location data from my mobile, I use these data to develop my skills with Mapbox Studio and TileMill

Pure Data Workshop

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First experiment with Pure Data in a workshop with Andy Farnell founder of the website « Obiwannabe » and Pure data specialist based in London. I made a patch based on fruits prices since ten years.